Virtual Haoshang Bridge

On the way to a massive Tang Dynasty Buddha statue carved into a rock wall near Leshan in  southern Sichuan, China, there is an ornate pedestrian bridge over a small river near the confluence of the Minjiang and Dadu Rivers. I happened across photos of this lovely structure online and thought it would be an interesting large scale building project in SL. I have only just begun the project and I have no idea what I might do with it once completed.

The obvious difficulty, as with any replica of a rl structure, is the level of detail. Almost anything is possible given unlimited prims to work with, but that is certainly not the case here. I’m working on a temporary platform over the sandbox area of the University of Kentucky’s sim. To save prims I used a 10x60x40 tube with hole at max and cut path for the main span. The end masonry has some overlapping prims that will need detailing. The current build extends 120 meters long.

The octagonal structures on the ends are necessarily primmy, since you can’t make a hollowed octagon. I found an octagon sculpt that is not bad, but of course it cannot be cut. I’ll be able to use it for the roof framing, but the walls and rails will have to be constructed.

More pictures to come!

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