SL Viewer 3.0 and Mesh

N.B. There are lots of better places to find specific details on SL viewer and mesh. If you want more depth, follow the links in this article.

The current SL viewer is now 3.0 (V3), released just within the last few days, I believe. I haven’t tried it yet. The main difference in V3 is . . . → Read More: SL Viewer 3.0 and Mesh

Ubiquity as Silent Revolution

I came across an interesting article titled “What happens when computers stop shrinking?,” by popular and articulate physicist Michio Kaku about the apparent impending demise of Moore’s Law. One tangential statement in the article got me thinking:

“The destiny of computers — like other mass technologies like electricity, paper, and running water — is to . . . → Read More: Ubiquity as Silent Revolution

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