Creative Work in Virtual Worlds

With just one month to go before heading back home, I’m working hard on the public talks I’m scheduled to give in a couple of weeks. The talks are billed as a presentation and demonstration of creating work in virtual worlds. The outline for the talks is roughly this:

  • overall intro to virtual worlds, with obvious emphasis on Second Life
  • the experience of having a virtual body that is able to interact in a 3D space
  • brief tour of the current exhibition at UWA’s virtual gallery
  • brief tour of my work at my LEA sim
  • technical opportunities and limitations for creative work
  • skillsets used in creating interactive 3D content
  • a demonstration building project

This last item will likely be a simple car. Build an object, decorate it, drop an animation and some scripts in it, drive it away.

That’s a whole lot to cover, but the presentations are scheduled to last 2 hours. I’m also scheduled to give it four times, which I think is overkill given they are all at 2:00 in the afternoon on weekdays. I’ll be surprised if they go much over one hour, but it’s good to have some room if needed. The gallery has numerous publicity efforts for all its activities. They’ve produced a brochure for their season of public talks (in which I am listed first), and an iPhone poster, and this event flyer. They wanted a head shot and I didn’t have one that was current so my colleague here whipped out his phone and took this shot. I was just wearing a T shirt and needed a haircut. Was not prepared at all. I told them (jokingly) they should use my avatar because he always looks good. They actually liked the idea so they included both. Hair part is on the wrong side, but he’s otherwise a reasonable simulacrum.




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