Making Music Objects in SL

The shortcomings of music and sound in SL are massive. There are various ways to do sound:

External feeds use the embedded Quicktime player to render web media. The media can be an asynchronous file download or a (relatively) synchronous stream. The latter is how live music is done. In either case you have to . . . → Read More: Making Music Objects in SL

Taylor Education Building in SL

Taylor Education Building is an iconic building on the campus of the University of Kentucky. The College of Education asked me to build a replica of the facade for their space on University of KY island in Second Life. I decided to build it roughly to scale, which makes it one of the more imposing . . . → Read More: Taylor Education Building in SL

Virtual Haoshang Bridge

On the way to a massive Tang Dynasty Buddha statue carved into a rock wall near Leshan in southern Sichuan, China, there is an ornate pedestrian bridge over a small river near the confluence of the Minjiang and Dadu Rivers. I happened across photos of this lovely structure online and thought it would be an . . . → Read More: Virtual Haoshang Bridge

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