A Little TLC

Through most of the 1980s I worked as the videotape librarian for The Learning Channel (TLC) cable TV network. Most people don’t know that TLC was originally a project called the Appalachian Community Service Network (ACSN), sponsored by the Appalachian Regional Commission, HEW, and NASA. It provided educational programming to the Appalachian region via . . . → Read More: A Little TLC

Jean Ritchie – An Appreciation

I saw Jean Ritchie (1922 – 2015) perform a few times. The first time was in Louisville shortly after moving to Kentucky in 1979. It was a summer folk festival at which she and John Jacob Niles were both scheduled to appear. Unfortunately, Niles was ill and unable to attend and I would never . . . → Read More: Jean Ritchie – An Appreciation

Stuff that bugs me: Party Politics

It’s important to remember that party politics are not addressed in the constitution. Reaching decisions by voting tends to create winners and losers, thus dividing people into factions. The parties work to expand their bases so they can be winners, and so coalitions are formed on both sides. What may start as division over one . . . → Read More: Stuff that bugs me: Party Politics

Call of the Wild: Perth

While I was in Perth I was very conscious of my sound environment. While walking to the university every day I would often take out my cell phone and sample the ambient noise. The most interesting sounds to me were the bird sounds. This area of Australia has a large variety of interesting bird life. . . . → Read More: Call of the Wild: Perth

The Caged Mind

John Cage

I have owned three books by the late composer John Cage (1912-1992) for many years. The most recent was published in 1972. On very rare occasions–probably less than once every few years on average–I pick up one of these books and, in appropriately stochastic fashion, read something at random. Without exception this . . . → Read More: The Caged Mind

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