Creative Work in Virtual Worlds

With just one month to go before heading back home, I’m working hard on the public talks I’m scheduled to give in a couple of weeks. The talks are billed as a presentation and demonstration of creating work in virtual worlds. The outline for the talks is roughly this:

overall intro to virtual worlds, with . . . → Read More: Creative Work in Virtual Worlds

Virtual and Real Body Consciousness

A recent study at George Washington University School of Public Health suggests that watching avatars engaged in healthy behaviors may influence the tendency to engage in similar real life behaviors. [1.] In the small pilot study, researchers tracked 8 women who had all tried some kind of diet for weight control over the past year. . . . → Read More: Virtual and Real Body Consciousness

SL Viewer 3.0 and Mesh

N.B. There are lots of better places to find specific details on SL viewer and mesh. If you want more depth, follow the links in this article.

The current SL viewer is now 3.0 (V3), released just within the last few days, I believe. I haven’t tried it yet. The main difference in V3 is . . . → Read More: SL Viewer 3.0 and Mesh

Review: A Consumer Guide to Virtual Worlds

I just purchased a PDF download from the Association of Virtual Worlds (an organization that provides networking and other resources primarily to business and education enterprises), called A Consumer Guide to Virtual Worlds. It’s basically a list (over 375 listings total) of grids, but also includes social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace, as well . . . → Read More: Review: A Consumer Guide to Virtual Worlds

Making Music Objects in SL

The shortcomings of music and sound in SL are massive. There are various ways to do sound:

External feeds use the embedded Quicktime player to render web media. The media can be an asynchronous file download or a (relatively) synchronous stream. The latter is how live music is done. In either case you have to . . . → Read More: Making Music Objects in SL

Skills Learning in Second Life

I’m a big fan of building classes. Most formal building “schools” train and mentor their instructors and using a standard format that moves you through the class so you get all the info you need and are done at the end of the hour (though they usually hang out a while to answer questions after). . . . → Read More: Skills Learning in Second Life

Using OpenSim for K-12

My response to a question about using OpenSimulator for a high school class. My essential recommendation was to check into ReactionGrid. . . . → Read More: Using OpenSim for K-12

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